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Periodontitis and the risk associated with it
Treatment of periodontitis will allow DNA analysis
How to help from periodontitis

Periodontitis is after dental caries the second most common form of teeth disability. Some statistics show an alarming reports that some degree of periodontitis suffer up to 90% of people over 30 years.

Do you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile?! Do not wait for visible signs of periodontitis – see your dentist!

Ask about the risk of this disease! Basis should be targeted examinations. You can print the information leaflet here and agree to perform the diagnosis of periodontitis with your dentist.

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Periodontitis (also parodontosis) is the customary term for infectious diseases, the correct name „periodontitis“. Dental plaque bacteria may therefore with poor dental hygiene intervene until the grooves in the gums. This creates pockets in which bacteria multiply indefinitely and develop the inflammation.

This seemingly trivial disease, at what is considered incautiously periodontitis, may have a profound impact on the health of the whole organism. In addition to tissue damage of the tooth supporting apparatus, making the so-called periodontal pockets, and without medical intervention loss of teeth, it can also cause cardiovascular disease. These are undoubtedly the most common causes of all deaths in developed countries.

Periodontitis is indeed a serious infectious disease that should not be underestimated, because the sick person can infect their loved ones.

Periodontitis | glossary

What to do if you are afraid of periodontitis

If you experience symptoms of periodontitis or increased spoilage teeth, we reccomend immediately to see your dentist. More about symptoms of periodontitis can be found here.

Quick and effective diagnosis as part of prevention and treatment of periodontitis

Microbiological analysis VariOr ® Dento reveals the presence of seven bacterial species, including their sensitivity to antibiotics. Your doctor will perform a painless sampling and sends it to the laboratory. Within a week he comes to the result of microbiological findings, by which it can be an effective treatment promptly initiated.

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